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My Ayurvedic office is at Santosha Yoga and Ayurveda, a studio I co-own with my partner Scott Fisher in Delafield, WI. Our mission is to provide space and services for greater wellness and healing.  Check out all that we have to offer at:

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About Nikki Estes CAP, E-RYT

My passion for wellness and natural medicine started in 2003. I offer over 17 years experience as a Certified Yoga Teacher along with 8 years experience as a Certified Ayurvedic practitioner. My mission is to empower my clients in their own health journey. I provide holistic medicine, self care practices and education for deeper understanding if the mind body connection. Through this union, we have the power to heal and become our best SELF.
Yoga and Ayurveda are
practices for every BODY

Yoga is journey of self-realization that creates intelligence in thebody and mind to enlighten the spirit.

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Ayurveda, of which Yoga is a part of, is a 5,000 year old holistic form of Indian medicine that is now becoming more well known and practiced in the West.

Essential oils have been used through out history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits.



My Ayurvedic Journey

Learn about Chakras

Learn more about why this is one of my favorite hip opener poses

Online Videos

Purchase a single video for $15 or an Unlimited Monthly Video Membership with Santosha Instructors for $89. Click on the pictures to purchase. Watch the videos as many times as you want!

Online Yoga

Yin Yoga - Change Through Challenge 1:07

Explore challenge through deep postures and long holds in this yin practice. Observe where tension is held and lean into discomfort, finding space and transformation through a focused mind and a steady breath. You can do hard things!

Online Yoga

Heart Opening Flow For Vitality 1:02

Enjoy a breath of fresh air with this heart opening flow, targeting the chest, upper back and shoulders. Explore the air element and experiences the vayus, or different movements of prana. Learn how we can be deficient or excessive in this element and what effects it has on the mind and body.

Online Yoga

Core N More 1:04

Discover and strengthen your core with this pilates based class. This practice will focus on deep intrinsic muscles from the shoulder girdle to the pelvis.  Feel invigorated, and maybe a bit sore, from this out of the box practice.

Online Yoga

Grounding Slow Flow 1:07

Apply Ayurvedic principles to this class exploring the earth element. Ground your energy to find strength, stability, centeredness, focus, calm and balance. Leave feeling tension free from this nurturing practice.

Online Yoga

Yin Yoga for the Hips 1:10

Open your hips and into greater self awareness in this grounding yin class. Free up tension in the pelvis while tapping into inner wisdom, learning to be the witness in your practice.

Online Yoga

Active Flow :54

This class encourages you to find Santosha or "contentment in the moment" in the midst of your challenges. Heat building core work and balance is emphasized in this centering practice. Open to gratitude and appreciate your practice just as it is.

Online Yoga

Slow Flow 1:02

Practice to slowly open up the hip flexors and hamstrings, while grounding into strength and stability. Progress to the peak pose Hanumanasana (the splits) while learning how "satya" or non-stealing applies on and off the mat.

Online Yoga

Active Flow :56

Tap into your internal wisdom and explore the concept of "ahimsa" or nonviolence in this practice. This active flow encourages compassion while getting the whole body moving, working the shoulders, back, chest and hips.

Online Yoga

Yin Yoga 1:07

Breathe and everything changes. Move out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body, releasing tension held deep in in the connective tissue. Through breath, observation and curiosity, let go of resistance to what is, and find peace in the present moment. 

Online Yoga

Feel Good Flow 1:03

Lighten your load in this feel good practice. Release heavy energy and open your heart to gratitude in the present moment. Let go and flow!

Online Yoga

Basement Flow 1:07

How do we find resilience in challenging times? We can use our body and breath to move stagnant energy and revitalize ourselves. While practicing at the studio can be ideal, we don't need a special space to practice. Join Nikki in her basement from a quiet space in your house. Yoga will meet you wherever you are!

Online Yoga

Why Yin? 1:12

What is yin yoga and why should we practice it? Experience what happens when we stop filling the gaps in our mind with chatter and start to create space, releasing long held tension stored in the body.

Online Pranayama

Nadi Shadana - Alternate Nostil Breath :12 FREE!

"Nadi" is Sanskrit for channel and "Shodana" means purification. Pranayama is breath control. Through this breathing exercise, balance the Ida (Yin) and Pingala (Yang) energy in your body. Clear the cobwebs from the mind, feeling energized, yet calm. A perfect way to start the day!

Online Yoga

Yoga for Walkers :42

Staying at home doesn't mean staying inside! Get out and get active in nature with a pre and post stretch for walkers, runners and cyclists. Practice with Nikki outside. Special appearance by Yoda the cat.

Online Yoga

Prana Yoga 1:02

Breath is our prana or "life force energy". Practice working with the breath to improve lung function, calm the mind and invigorate the body. Breathe and everything changes.

Online Yoga

Energy Flow :56

This active, advanced beginner/intermediate practice is designed to move energy in a playful way . Let go and just flow!

Online Yoga

Restorative Yoga 1:00

This calming practice will focus on each one of the seven chakras through supportive poses, bija mantras and positive affirmations. Find balance with this all levels practice.

FREE! Online Meditation

Chakra Color Meditation :14

Learn about the 7 energy centers, using colors and affirmations to move energy. Feel more balanced and centered with this meditation.

Online Yoga

Chakra Yoga 1:04

This heart centered class will focus on the Anahata Chakra. Cultivate gratitude and open to opportunity in this moderate flow practice. Backbends, shoulders and chest openers are emphasized.

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