YOGA: Private Classes


Are you new to yoga?  Do you need to take your practice to the next level?  Do you have specific issues that a general class doesn't address? A personal yoga session may be the ideal thing for you!


Nikki can work one on one with you to make you feel comfortable to join a group class, work on specific problems that need therapy or design a home program for you so you can practice at your convenience.

Are you looking to get a friend or partner into the practice?  Try a duo session.  It makes a great gift!



  • 1 Hour Private Session: $100

  • 1 Hour Duo Session: $125 ($62.50 per person)

  • 1.5 Hours Just For You home program: $175 (plus take home program)



A detailed questionnaire is used to personally design a yoga practice that addresses imbalances in the chakras (energy centers) and the doshas (the unique combination of elements in the body). Your home practice will be unique just for you to unblock energy and rebalance the body for overall wellness.

1 hour intake and 1 hour follow up visit included as well as take home program: $200

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