Taking a mind-body approach to exercise

Have you thought about trying yoga but figured you were too inflexible? Do you connect yoga with religion? These are common misconceptions about the practice.

There is a reason yoga has been around for 5,000 years and isn’t just the latest fad. Yoga works to heal the mind, body and spirit. Just some of the benefits of the practice are: healing and preventing injury and disease; increasing muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and range of motion in the joints; reducing stress, promoting peace of mind; and promoting better oxygen consumption in the body.

Many athletes and “work-out warriors” are realizing the benefits of cross training with yoga. The practice can improve your over all performance and increase your endurance and stamina. If you are inflexible you are the exact candidate for yoga! Yoga isn’t a religion but rather a mind-body dicipline that any body can practice.

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