Ayurveda in March

Winter in Ayurveda is known as the Vata season. It's the time of the year where air and space elements are more prevalent in nature. As the change of the season is upon us, spring is known as the Kapha time of year, where earth and water elements are stronger. We can notice this in nature when we see the snow begin to melt. The ground is uncovered, softens and the melting snow begins to increase the flow of lakes and rivers. Those heavier and watery qualities increase within us as well. You may notice more mucus, congestion or a runny nose. Colds are more common in springtime. Allergies start at this time too. We may feel a little puffy and sluggish in our skin. As the snow melts, so does our winter layer of fat begin to melt in our body. That's great right? Yes, but this fat starts to thicken the blood and can clog our circulatory system, respiratory system and our liver.

To balance the cold, wet and heavy qualities of spring, start to favor warm and lighter foods, staying away from sugars and dairy. Add fermented foods into your diet like pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi. Increase your intake of leafy greens, radishes and celery - a diuretic. Use pungent spices like cayenne pepper and ginger. Ayurvedic science believes food is medicine. What your eating is either helping or harming you.

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