Aging Gracefully

A few years ago I heard Oprah say, "Denying your age is like denying your life." I'm proud to be turning 50 this week. As I've been reminded recently, it's a privilege denied to many. It's true that with age comes wisdom. It's the sum of all of our experiences. I wouldn't trade all that I've learned to turn the clock back to my 20s. At the same time, I want to do my best to slow the aging process down, to live and long and healthy life.

Ayurveda recognizes that there are two ways we age. The first is chronologically. Each day we get older. We can't stop this process. Part of our growth is loving ourselves just as we are, even as we age.

The second way we age is through time and motion. This is the type of aging we can control. The busier our schedule becomes, the faster we move, the quicker we age. It's essential that part of our self care practice is slowing down, finding stillness and and creating a place of calm in our daily lives. Yoga and meditation is way to find this.

Ayurveda includes therapies for healthy aging so as to create optimal health and lengthen lifespan by living in harmony with nature. When we know our mind body constitution (dosha) we understand what foods, lifestyle choices and self care practices keep us healthy and rejuvenated so that we can live long and healthy lives.

Aging is inevitable. Growing old is an option. Making healthy lifestyle choices, letting go of old baggage and doing the work to heal ourselves, allows us to feel light, youthful and gives us the opportunity to become our best selves.

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