Spring Forward Into the New Season

"Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be." ~Unknown

Spring is in the air at the studio. Our orchid is in full bloom! We've put away the winter mats and boot trays, and the street salt (thankfully!) is gone. It's time to put our energy forward into new possibilities. Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth - to witness an unending cycle of growth and change. As we turn towards the sun, it's also a reminder that we can't spring forward until we do a bit of spring cleaning on ourselves. We need to let go of our old layers and habits, and have the courage to break patterns in our life that are no longer serving us.

This week has reminded me of a few important things. We blossom when we focus on our own house. We can't control the uncontrollables - other people's thinking or behavior, circumstances that life throws at us, and even people trying to compete for the same thing. Cleaning my own internal house has meant letting go of judgment and comparison and the things I can't control. To begin focusing on what I can control - my reaction to challenge, belief in my skills, abilities and unique gifts that I have to offer. Allowing this to be the fuel that propels me forward in a strong and successful direction.

We can't force the bud of a flower to open. It will bloom, organically, in it's own time. We can only nurture its beauty by giving it the things it needs to grow - sunlight, water and fertile soil. Nurturing ourselves means daily introspection, reflection, self-care and self-belief. We must learn to cultivate our own garden.

What old debris can you begin clear away? How can you begin to nurture yourself to blossom into greater wholeness? What will allow you to spring forward?

"Tend your own garden: savor the blossoms, trim the weeds." ~Ron Kaufman

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