Trust Your Truth

A theme we explore in class is the second "yama" or moral restraint known as "satya" or truthfulness. Truth directly correlates to integrity. How do we find truth in our practice? It starts with the breath. Can we breathe calmly through a challenge? Can we find ease within our effort? The yamas remind us that practice is not just on the mat, but in life as well. Can we find our center in the eye of the storm when challenges come our way? Can we stay true to ourselves when we're being tested? Integrity on the mat means not only finding the breath, but feeling stability and alignment. When we start from a place of reality, where we are right now, not from where we "should" be our where we used to be, this is how we build a solid foundation from which to grow upon.

Off the mat, truth asks of us to be real rather than nice or fake. Can we be authentic in our words and actions? Do we say yes when we really mean no? Do we put on a mask with others to be accepted and to win their approval? Do we dim our light to let others shine? Sometimes we let fear prevent us from expressing and living our truth. This drains our spirit. We forget that we are here on earth to self-express in a way no one else ever has or ever could.

Regarding truth Socrates said, "Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?" Can we express our truth with compassion and kindness and still be authentic? This is what we are challenged to explore on the mat and in life. Trust yourself to live in your truth. Notice if your beliefs are the same as the company you keep or the groups you belong to. We have the need to belong and also a need to expand and grow. Get quiet, go within, and listen to the guidance of your true north. Be brave with satya.

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