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How It Works

1) View our selection and choose the video(s) you'd like.

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Video Classes Available


Holiday Slow Flow

Scott Fisher

Join Scott and ease into the week and your body with this gentle yet strong slow flow designed to leave you feeling revitalized during your holiday week.



Yin for the Hips

Nikki Fisher

Release tension in the muscles attached to the pelvis. Explore Aparigraha, the concept of non-attachment. Breathe, relax and let go.



Feel Good Flow

Nikki Fisher

Lighten your load in this feel good practice. Release heavy energy and open your heart to gratitude in the present moment. Let go and flow!



Yin Yoga

Nikki Fisher

Breathe and everything changes. Move out of your thinking mind and into your feeling body, releasing tension held deep in in the connective tissue. Through breath, observation and curiosity, let go of resistance to what is, and find peace in the present moment.



Restorative Yoga

Scott Fisher

This supportive practice will focus on the upper body - neck, shoulders, chest and upper back to release tension. Feel ease and peace with this all levels practice.



Restorative Yoga

Nikki Fisher

This calming practice will focus on each one of the seven chakras through supportive poses, bija mantras and positive affirmations. Find balance with this all levels practice.



Active Flow

Nikki Fisher

This class encourages you to find Santosha or "contentment in the moment" in the midst of your challenges. Heat building core work and balance is emphasized in this centering practice. Open to gratitude and appreciate your practice just as it is.



Slow Power Flow

Scott Fisher

This slow power flow is designed to give you an energy boost as we settle into fall. This practice is a perfect way to start a day but can be practiced anytime.



No Prop Yin

Scott Fisher

A beginner yin yoga class for full body flexibility that doesn't require props. You don't even need a mat! Feel restored in no time.



Vinyasa Flow

Scott Fisher

Join Scott for this all levels Vinyasa Flow appropriate for newer to advanced level students. Strong focus on alignment with a challenging balance sequence.



Grounding Slow Flow

Nikki Fisher

Apply Ayurvedic principles to this class exploring the earth element. Ground your energy to find strength, stability, centeredness, focus, calm and balance. Leave feeling tension free from this nurturing practice.



Yin Yang Yoga

Scott Fisher

Bring yourself into equilibrium with this Yin Yang practice. Perfect to create a platform for a balanced energy start of the day or to create a nice descent into a harmonious evening. Enjoy!


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